PlantConf 2019 🌱

June 8th ✨around✨ 2pm

Lightning talks! Workshops! General plant chit chat!

A *casual backyard event to get like-minded folks together to talk about the wonders of plants!

Private Residence 🌱 Gladstone, Oregon 🌱 Exact location will be emailed the week before event.

* emphasis on the casual

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* This is a dog friendly event. Dogs receive free admission.


🎤 MC - Diana Mounter
Growing food in East Hawaii
Marina Kukso & James Halliday
Marina & James will cover the plants they grow on their homestead in Puna, Hawaii. They'll discuss the conditions we're working with, what they've learned in the two years they've lived in Hawaii, challenges, and more.
Helping you Help Plants
Gina Giampaolo
Rumors designed & built an app ( to help us remember to water our studio plants! This talk will dive into how it works, why they built it the way they did, and how to build your own!
How Gay Are Plants?
Tim Plummer
Obviously plants are gay, but how gay are they? Very gay, turns out. An investigation into plant sexuality.
Hugelkultur Establishment and No-Till Raised Beds
Eric Hillyard
This talk will cover using clean wood to build a underground network for decomposition for mycelium webs to provide greater water retention and nutrient sharing. Hugelkultur promotes high yield, low maintenance gardening and supports no till long lasting garden beds.
Oro Verde
Alyssa Rose
The benefits in health and wellness that avocados and aloe verde bring to our lives.
Habitat & Gardening Practices to Support Honeybee Health
Onyx Marie
Honeybees and other pollinators are vital to ecosystem health, yet have been in decline over the last decade mostly due to habitat fragmentation and flaws within modern beekeeping practices. The best way to increase honeybee vitality is to create proper habitat and to have more backyard beekeepers interested in a 'hands off bee-centric' approach that supports the well being of the bees. By creating a safe space for bees we are not only increasing the productivity of our gardens, but also helping to conserve these creatures that so deeply need our assistance at this time. This talk will give a brief background around the issues bees face today, some gardening practices to support honeybee health, as well as some information around bee stewardship and natural hive options that require little to no intervention following installation.
What Lies Beneath
Kristin LaMont
Take a trip below ground and learn about the teaming food web of critters, big and small, who help feed the plants we grow. There is a giant, bustling city down there! After the talk, we'll take our bug passports and explore the yard to see what we can find. Stickers, stamps and some garden prizes included!
Math and Plants!
Emily Plummer
Did you know that many plants you see every day express some of the mathematical patterns you learned about in high school/college/the school of hard knocks? In this talk you'll learn about the magic of plants and how nerdy they truly are.
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